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A non-profit organization that unites the greater Marietta, SC area


About Marietta Smiles

Marietta Smiles is a non-profit organization established in 2015; its mission is to create opportunities to unite the community for improved safety, well-being, and beautification so that people will want to live, work and play in Marietta.


2016 Events and Happenings

Get your raffle tickets and win a gently owned subaru! Tickets available at the slater-marietta Fire department each ticket $10 or 3 for $25




An organization cannot make it without volunteers. Several are showing up to help with events, meetings, and projects but ongoing volunteered time should be noted: Our Facebook page is managed by a dedicated Marietta resident Karen Holmes. Her husband David Holmes produces our newsletter Marietta Review. 

Marietta Community Projects

Clean up our roads! Even though there’s a $1,000 fine for littering, people still heave beer cans, soda cans, Styrofoam cups, dirty diapers, car parts, and old clothing onto the sides of our roads without concern or care for how nasty it looks. Marietta Smiles invites volunteers twice a year to make a statement by walking the "three miles" of Marietta to pick up trash.
FRESH PAINT! is a joint effort of the TR Sherwin Williams paint store and Marietta Smiles. The program is in honor of Kristen Schroeder who loved this community and wanted to see it prosper. The program provides paint/sealer for the roof tops of trailers. Contactus for eligibility requirements

Help Preserve Our History

Much of our history is available because of ambassadors. Ambassadors are people who know the oral history of the area, are at least 70 years of age and have lived in the Slater-Marietta-Cleveland community for at least five decades (50 years.) With a $25 application fee, ambassadors are nominated by people in the community and a hat bearing the last name and year of birth distinguish one hat from another. To date: we have Lawrence Ledford, “Babe” Williams, Arlee Coggins and Dr. James Barnett. You may see them wearing their caps or catch a photo of them receiving their one-of-a-kind acknowledgement of distinction. 

Keep Us Safe

Keeping us safe! Community deputies are provided to the area by the Greenville County Sheriff’s Department. Our deputies work very hard, but they are spread thin because they cover a large area and they never know where they will be called to assist a resident or business owner with a crime. We need more law enforcement presence and we need them round the clock! 

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